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Use this board to talk about any problems, and how to go about them with the United States Gov, and different States. For improvements in corruption, use the board inside political scams category.

1 1 How to speak to congress, on this topic.
by Daniel
Jan 27, 2017 16:43:11 GMT -5
No New Posts General Cafe Board

Talk about anything nominal to anything here. Use the board for political news of your own problems, copy your url links to it, email them off to those of your cheap political scheme problem party politician, of whoever it may be, refusing to address your important issues. Then you can tell them, you put it to them up on the internet against them, until they do get with it. Also post your spam, use it for the good place for the what to wear were to eat thing. Again, Spam all you want, say what you want, BUT, be with caution to your fart words. Please space all fart words on here so the child cannot read them easily. This is the only true rule we do ask, Please comply with it so we do not remove your posts. Anything else goes. As long as it is with some clothes. binikis are acceptable... This is a obey the original United States Big G God Constitution Board... Anything else, will be thrown out of the country. All other boards on this forum, please keep spam inside its topic category, and apply same rules as listed above. ANY NEWS IN RELATION TO 911 WTC event, Please Post this in the Political Scams section.

Moderator: Daniel

9 12 Mobile Apps Talk to us from your i phone
by Daniel
Feb 11, 2012 18:12:56 GMT -5

Hydrogen & Hydrostar

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No New Posts Electronics

All talk here is for the electrical components for electrolysers, including Hydrostar or any others

4 6 Krypton next to Hydrogen
by Daniel
Jun 25, 2015 13:09:12 GMT -5
No New Posts Circuts

soldering circuts for Hydrostar or other type boards for pulse modules

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No New Posts tcHydro Electrolysers

talk on various stages and types of setups, such as on install, problems on the installs, usages of product. Experience using product in transition mode, of type electrodes, what types of sodium work best, and what types of increase was made using differ mounts, such as tc3b or the more alternator boosted of amps, This includes domino configuration of cells, 2 or more. Please sub board domino amounts, such as 2 cell, 3 cell, 4 cell, etc. Buyer password is needed. Please Anyone without password, may Post your own Electrolysers by their own name, under the Hydrogen and Hydrostar Section, with new thread name... Please include url if possible for that specific Electrolyser wished to be spoken of to avail more information on it, or to be able to sell it if you are selling them.

4 9
No New Posts Hydrogen Flame Arrestor zz1 - FLASHBACK PREVENTION

Show and tell how many uses zz1 provides, and the amount of impact from explosions if there is one.

2 2 ZZ1 Finer Mesh
by Daniel
Feb 2, 2011 19:46:31 GMT -5
No New Posts Electrolysers & Hydrogen

any info on anyones creation, including anything from bar b q cooking with hydrogen to running lawn mowers, or power a small car with water powered inventions. Tesla power, please put those type electronics inside his section...

Moderator: Daniel

2 2 diesel vs gasoline vs hydrogen
by monsterman
Nov 1, 2011 13:47:37 GMT -5


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No New Posts Teslas Electrodynamics

Talk here is nominal general, of the only man of the hour. His bio, all his electricity power invention stuff. Please use Seperate proboards for posting new common categorys of his, including stuff on the catholic church his persecutions by JP Morgan Monster. You know, the guy that sunk the titanic! - to get the money...!!! Please use this board for his electrical knowledges of his own inventions of power. The Normal electrical devices, leave them to other new boards that you would create of for them seperate please. Titanic is one of those..! Remember, only Tesla electrodynamic topic devices on this board.... Includes his engines and turbines yes. Anything related to the same types, such as electricity, may so be posted on this board. Other electrical devices such as computers, toasters, heaters, lights, or anything other of same normal electricity, may be posted to the new category new threads on this section of Tesla, under Tesla title, but not inside Electrodynamics. Microwaves should be on this board also as it refered to his wireless technology. Same as cell phones. The other such normals as toasters etc, must contain its own title category new thread... As he was the true inventor of electricity all together, and wireless, not Thomas Edison.. Edison was just a crutch name used by Costner, in a movie named the BodyGuard, to foul up the administration of the estate. Thank you Costner, for pointing it out to us.

3 6 JAPAN QUAKE Was it Tesla Stuff?
by Daniel
Feb 11, 2012 18:24:48 GMT -5
No New Posts Titanic

Please Talk about nominal Tesla related to Titanic, on or about the boat itself, including people, places, events, objects, etc. As he did live at the same time erra in life. Please to place a movie, use the new thread section below for this, such as to make it happen, in Titanic Movies, a Seperate New Now thread itself, seperate from Tesla section, or, to be specific as to a single one of them please, we list an example below, refer using the actors names and or date publications, in the title itself you do use please. Use this section here, for facts realted to Bibical porportions also, and they may be spoken about in here inside this very thread, relating to it, being is Tesla is now departed from this world, such as what is in the Scriptures, of the simular a boat, written about in the old date, that actually broke in two also, that Saint Paul had traveled upon and inside of, in the Scripture itself. Again, if wanting to be specific of self sections, please contact to us, and we will post your own seperate section to the forum itself for that specific purpose.. Such as Titanic Movies. Again, try to keep any spam in a same category of the threads, as to what item is being offered by you. Or use General Cafe section for the anything goes...

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Political Scams

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No New Posts BANKRUPTSY Inside Job

talk on those who are responsible for other peoples bankrupt of business, to get to a sollution of the problem itself, corrupt CEO, to prevent it from happening. Yes, please post names of those involved on the Inside Job Ferguson Film, etc, and any others, and there present organizations with addresses and phone numbers, email addresses etc.

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No New Posts Y2K

post information in relation to the Y2K computer mania tattics, that did in fact indeed, proceed the 911 WTC events. Any money trails please....

1 1 w98 Microsoft
by Daniel
Oct 28, 2012 20:43:38 GMT -5
No New Posts United Nations WTC

Please post any information of money trails into the WTC 1 & 2 ONLY, or out of. You may post JPG or GIF images of documents. If posting Out of to the United Nations, Please show this inside the 911 WTC 1 & 2 Board.

Sub-boards: AGENDA 21, ICLEI

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No New Posts WTC 7

Leave any information of any type of files retained from inside WTC building # 7. Any other photographs of this building also after wtc 1 and 2 destructions;
Any removal photos by same type planted dynamite charges. Any evidence of any sort. Anyone who has any informations may post here, or any comments, including guests. Any other files for other buidlings, please use those boards specific, especially #1 & 2 Please create and make new sub boards for specific large or very differ important files. Any comments on the Laser weapons that were Used are also welcome in this Board. Please hold it to #7 only asap. SEE also;

11 13 tc Photographs wtc#2 Laser hologram 7 - 9
by Daniel
Nov 2, 2014 0:33:56 GMT -5
No New Posts Fuel Crisis of the 80s

place anything at all that one may remember about the fuel crisis of the 80s, including numerous gas lines at the pump...

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No New Posts WTC 3, 4, 5 & 6

Anything in relation to the 911 event in the world trade center buildings of 3, 4 5 and 6. Anything at all, that one may think is important of what they heard or did see.

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No New Posts 911 WTC 1 & 2

Anything goes here, in relation to the laser shooting, pillar bombing, haligraphs, or any other relations to just the 2, world trade center buildings #s 1 & 2 ONLY including about firemen. Please post any links to the understanding relations of these two buildings, including any Norad infos, Includes anything link wise from YOU Tube on the web. Please be realistic.

Moderator: esther

Sub-boards: The Lone Gunman, Norad Vigilante Guardian, AIRCRAFT

1 1 The Lone Gunman
by Daniel
Oct 26, 2014 18:58:07 GMT -5
No New Posts Vietnam

Please leave bad politician informations of proceedures against or for it, words said, any politicans that did create to this war. Including the president of the USA. Any action war events, or POW, leave inside the sub board please only.... This includes anything of any type informations, right up until even this date.

Sub-board: War Events

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No New Posts FEMA

anything in relation to catastrophys, anywhere in or out of the United States Please. For any type of Scam. And at any time. Please use names of persons and dates, involved inside any files for tracking purposes.

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No New Posts 911 Pentagon

Any important infomation regarding the Pentagon on the day or after 9/11/01, any url links are welcome, or JPG GIF

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Best Movies

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No New Posts Titanic Leonardo Dicaprlo 1998

Made in 1997 copyright 1998, Leonardo Dicaprlo, Kate Winslet, Kathy Bates. Post anything to this category thread in relation to this Film...

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Best Food

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